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Celebrating 27 Years!       

TRIAD AD VALOREM GROUP, LLC can be the final piece of your company's purpose driven strategy for Property Tax management and tax dollar savings.

TRIAD was started  in 1993 with the desire to be the best at serving property tax payers.  With integrity as a guiding tenet, that goal is being achieved with TRIAD now proudly representing many long term clients.  Each client looks to TRIAD for results, accountability and dependable service.  

Delivery on those expectations, every time, and your satisfaction will be priority one.

Dennis K. Jackson
Triad Ad Valorem Group, LLC
P.O. Box 496718
Garland, Texas 75049

Triad Ad Valorem Group, LLC
"Texas Property Tax Specialists since 1993"
 T  rust....... Honest Answers
 R  esults...... Verifiable Savings
 I  ntegrity...... Legally Acceptable Means
A  ccountability...... Short Term Agreement
D  ependability...... Count on Us
Ad Valorem Group