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Fee Structures,                

Triad Ad Valorem Group, LLC has three standard fee structures.

Contingency Fee
Most of TRIAD's agreements are straight contingencies. A competitive percentage of actual tax dollars saved, is charged on a year by year basis.  If TRIAD isn't able to save you money, then no fee is charged.  The client still benefits from annual review, filing and reporting.

Flat Fee
The Flat Fee for service is determined by the estimated time spent working the account(s) and is typically invoiced in semi-annual installments.  Generally, clients want this type fee when compliance and administration are the primary concern.

Combination Contingency with a Flat Fee
Has the components of both a contingency and a flat fee, normally with a reduced contingency fee percentage.
Triad Ad Valorem Group, LLC
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 I want to be accountable to you every year.  My service agreements are essentially "one year at a time" agreements that help ensure your annual satisfaction.  Most of the competition wants you to commit to multi-year agreements.
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